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L'Università dell'Immagine is the school of the Fondazione Industria Onlus. Created by Fabrizio Ferri, it trains creative minds for the world of production. The method used is based on a notion of the image as the result of a process involving all the senses, and on a wide-ranging development of the student’s skills. The training programme therefore starts with the re-education of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, as well as the refinement of the student’s overall sensitivity in order to obtain a coherent system of expression using the different languages of the different senses.

Being linked to various companies which support and encourage it, the training programme is carried out through a series of workshops, projects and work placements which link theory and practice right from the start.

The students on the course undergo a selection process, and all successful candidates are offered a study grant by one of the school’s partner companies. The Università dell'Immagine is thus centred around a sense of self-motivated training and development, giving students a professional grounding with a profoundly human and ethical basis, as well as developing an authentic and individual sense of creativity.

These images are the fruit of a series of reflections on the notions of ‘emergency’ and ‘gift’, the two aspects chosen by the student photographers who took the pictures as the focal points of the work of the “Emergency” charity.
As far as the notion of gift is concerned, the images speak through tiny gestures as they tell the stories of changing moods, of magical surprises, of waiting, of a hand busily colouring the world… here the gift is to be understood as the condition of accepting others – it is an ongoing embrace, the burning desire for an authentic relationship with your own body, with nature itself…

As far as the notion of emergency is concerned, the black and white images highlight the sense of awe and respect with regard to those who have the courage to take on the emergencies in the front lines around the planet, where life itself is continually threatened.
And the sense of anxiety coming from the death mask worn by a child at a carnival, by a burning map, by a one-legged man walking across a barren landscape portray the condition of need in which a pack of blood can save a life, a tiny gesture, a stare lowered in loneliness.
These images shift the emergency onto the level of individual reflection, where the tale told over great distance is no easy way out, but one in which the images are able to capture hidden details which seem so strikingly close to us. And it is these details which we can react to most immediately; these are aspects which leave us feeling anything but exempt from the situation in front of us.

Emanuela De Cecco


Francesca Grilli, Francisco Baccaro, Vanessa Rusci, Anita Rossi, Cristina di Paolo Antonio,
Ivana Pistorozzi, Natalia Saurin, Umberto Nicoletti, Matteo Santucci.


Simone Fantozzi, Raphael Monzini, Andrea Caverzaschi, Fabio Selvafiorita (docente di sound design)

Il progetto SOS-Design e' ideato da: CONNEXINE